Language assistance experiences for companies

  • Language assistance and collaboration at Italian real estate agencies (Russian, Chinese);

  • Accompaniment and language assistance during a three-day visit of a special trade show by representatives of a Uzbekistan production complex (Italian-Russian-English);

  • Interpret services for manufacturers of ceramics, raw materials and digital design of ceramics, trade shows, at factories and during corporate events;

  • Collaboration with a translating and interpret agency of Bologna, Italy on the translation project of multilingual website of a manufacturer of high quality leather handbags «The Bridge».

  • Translations for the“Esseti Farmaceutici” S.r.l. company (Italian pharmaceutical company); references

  • Translation of various texts for the “Verde-Commerce” company (plant nursery sector) “Verde-Commerce” (settore vivaistico);

  • Collaboration with several translation agencies of Modena, Bologna, Barcelona

  • Translations for DIY activities;

  • Technical translations for automatic packaging machines;

  • Technical translations for forklift machines;

  • Translations certified  of legal value (GMP, GOST, ISO, IQNet);

  • Technical and commercial translation  of a device that serves wine by the glass “WinePlease”;

  • Certified translations for the “Dinamica Generale” S.r.l. company (electronic weighing systems);

  • Translation and interpret services for the “LE FATE” S.r.l. company (clothing and fashion) – also performed export-manager tasks;

  • Translation of technical documents for the “Comcor Engineering” S.r.l. company (3D mechanical project design)

  • Interpret service during technical and commercial negotiations for the company “CARRARO” S.p.A. DIVISIONE AGRITALIA (project design and assembly of tractors)

  • “METAL GROUP” SPA (scrap and raw materials; semi-finished iron and steel products) – also performed head secretary and translation tasks