Asseveration  (sworn translation) and certification of private and corporate documents.

The certification of translated documents is required when sworn translations are presented overseas.

The sworn translation service (asseveration):

A sworn translation is a legally binding document. The document, originally written in a foreign language, must be translated into Italian and then certified. The asseveration will allow the legal value of the original document to be preserved even after it is translated.

Service of certification with Apostille:

A certified translation is considered a legal document overseas. Typically, the certification of a document is performed:

  1. if the document is issued by a foreign authority and must be of legal value in Italy;
  2. if the document is produced in Italy must be of legal value overseas. In the second case, the translation is notarized by a Public Prosecutor of the same Court in which it was certified.

With the application of the Apostille stamp, the document will be certified legal by the public official who signs the translated document, as well as the validity of the signature itself.

 Reference standard: Article 5 R.D. 09/10/1922 No. 1366, Presidential Decree 396/2000, Law 445/2000