The rates vary according to the nature of the text, volume, source language and target language, urgency, and finally according to the counting method.

In Italy, the basic unit for the calculation of rates of a translation is “cartella” (page). A “cartella” is defined as 1500 characters, including spaces (approximately 200 words).For the counting of the number of words in a document, we use Microsoft Word’s “Tools – Word Count”.

We use the counting of rows for documents that are not in the WORD format (PDF, PPT, JPG, etc.).We apply preferential rates for translation agencies that need our services at a certain frequency.
For the convenience of our clients, we take into consideration the number count of the text in the source language (and not of the target language) for all languages.

Guideline rates may vary from 10 to 25 Euros per “cartella”.

A translation that requires a commitment of more than 5 “cartelle” per working day will be considered to be urgent.

The rate for urgent translations implies an increase of 50% on the expected rate.

  • Delivery times are calculated beginning with the working day following the confirmation of the work.

    Delivery by DHL Express courier within 24 hours at reduced rates, calculated from the client’s exact mailing address.

    Otherwise, we will use the “Raccomandata 1” express mailing service of Italy’s postal services (delivery within 24 hours at a cost of about 9 Euros).

Methods of payment:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • PayPal (+5%)

To receive a detailed quote for a translation or interpret service please contact us:

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by e-mail: info@russoitaliano.com
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